Where Rails Met Sails

North Coast Limited after servicing; before returning to Union Station for departure

In 1873, Tacoma became the western terminus for the Northern Pacific Railway. As the railroad continued to grow and solidify its position within Tacoma commerce, the Northern Pacific began construction of an immense warehouse practically one mile long. Construction on the building finished in 1900, and it became a grain transfer facility.

See a Model of Half Moon Yard at Tacoma Wharf, the end of track for the Northern Pacific.  Pushing the Orange button will dispatch a train West bound, while pushing the Blue Button will dispatch another train East bound.

With the push of a button on the base, you can operate one of the only semaphores still working on the West Coast.

Rails to Sails celebrates the Northern Pacific Railway and its impact on not only Tacoma, but also the entire Puget Sound region, and beyond after merging with the BNSF.

Half Moon Yard looking East