Foss Waterway Seaport obtained the Stretch Island Museum Collection in 2010, obtained from the late Bill Somers. Since then, the Seaport Collection & Archive has slowly expanded to include over 3,000 artifacts, photographs, records, and books. If you are interested in learning more, please email [email protected].

Samples from the Collection


Although space at the Seaport can be limited, we are open to considering artifact donations relevant to the Seaport mission. For more information about donating to the Seaport Collection & Archive, please follow the link above. We ask that you do not drop off any artifacts at the Seaport without speaking to Seaport staff.



Are you passionate about boats, boating, and local history? Are you interested in helping to preserve the maritime history of Tacoma and the Greater Puget Sound region? The Seaport Collection & Archive requires regular upkeep and research. Our small team works to maintain the collection for future generations.

We are currently seeking volunteers for weekday and weekend work in the Seaport Collection, Archive, and Library. For more information about joining the collections team and volunteering, please follow the title link.