On Thursday February 25th, Julia and Kaela from the Education Department here at the Seaport went on a little adventure. They were taking a trip to Swan Creek to check out the future site where we will be releasing our baby salmon! Now let’s take a step back, did you know we have baby coho salmon at the Seaport??

We got these coho salmon back in December of 2020 and they have been growing in our tank ever since. They are currently in the fry stage, and we will be releasing them in May in Swan Creek. These little salmon are also part of our ‘Salmon in the classroom’ project that will be launching this April.

Below are two images of Swan Creek.

Neither of these images show the location of where we will be releasing the salmon because that is up to the students to decide! The 5th grade students in Tacoma Public Schools will be helping us determine where to release the salmon based on environmental factors. We will then have a live streamed release available for everyone to watch online!

More information about our salmon and salmon release coming soon!