You may have noticed that the weather has gotten colder & wetter, it must mean winter is coming! For those of you in 6th grade participating in our weather kit project this weekend is a great time to start making observations. In your weather kit are three tools to help you predict and make observations about the weather. You have the materials to create an anenometer, barometer and wind vane. Use your anenometer to check the wind speed by holding it out and counting the number of rotations. You can use your wind vane and compass to see which way the wind direction is blowing and if a storm is coming your way. You also have a barometer that measures the change in air pressure. The barometer in combination with the other tools can give you a fairly accurate short term weather predictions.

The video below is from KOMO 4 weather that updates daily. You can use this as a tool to check to see if your predictions are accurate.