On June 24th some of the Education Department went on a field trip around Harstine Island via boat. The team went during the largest tide changes of the year, which caused some issues and a lot of discoveries! June 24th happened to be a full moon which can affect the tides. Spring tides happen just after every full and new moon, when the sun, moon and earth are in line. That’s when lunar and solar tides line up and reinforce each other, making a bigger total tide. The low tide of the day on June 24th was at -3’11” around noon. Check out how steep the ramp is to the dock!

This is called a Flemish knot!
Check out how steep this ramp is down to the dock!

After boating around we decided to go to a hike or boat only access island called McMicken Island

We walked around tide pooling and look at all the amazing creatures we found!

We had a gorgeous sunset to finish off a great day!