About the Seaport Artist Series:

The Foss Waterway Seaport is a maritime heritage museum, education, and events center located in the historic Balfour Dock Building on the Thea Foss Waterway. The Balfour Dock Building is the last standing section of the mile-long wheat warehouse that was vital to Tacoma’s early maritime industry. We restored and currently use the space to celebrate Tacoma and Puget Sound’s rich maritime heritage – past, present, and future. We have public docks providing temporary moorage, a working boat shop, education and community programs, and exhibits that are open to the public Thursday through Sunday 10am to 4pm. We also host a variety of different events, including public events like Tacoma OceanFest and Seaport Maritime Weekend along with private events such as weddings, galas, proms, and corporate meetings.

While our building is historic and beautiful, we find our location does cause us to be a little bit of a hidden treasure here in Tacoma. We are developing different ways to expand access to our building, and we also wanted to get the word out to Tacoma communities that might not know about us. When we set out on this project we wanted to do it in true Seaport style, in collaboration with businesses and individuals in our community. This is how the Seaport Artist Series was born. This project not only highlights the Seaport, but also some incredible local businesses and artists of the region. We have curated a group of pieces from local artists that are a mix of commissions inspired by the Seaport and its work, and already made pieces that have oceanic or maritime themes (plus a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibit!). These pieces are being presented in a handful of locally owned businesses around Tacoma and will be auctioned off at our 2022 Chowder Social to help raise funds for the museum. The artists and locations are listed below as they are installed; take a tour and see them all! We hope you enjoy these pieces and businesses as much as we do.

Lonni Lou Studios

Image of artist with work on location

About Lonnie Lou Studios: In my art I explore relationships between oneself and one’s homes, both
mundane and metaphysical. This piece is inspired by the marriage of environment and industry
that is exemplified in the historical origins and the current work being done in the Seaport. The
split-level perspective allows the viewer to simultaneously observe the marine ecosystem
housed in the waterway that is normally obscured, as well as the more readily visible economy
built around it.

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About STINK cheese-meat & El Tufo: “While the word “stink” can conjure up some negative connotations, we at STINK Cheese-Meat and El Tufo Wine Bar believe the word represents everything good about old world food and drink. The Europeans have always treated wine and beer as food. For centuries they have understood the relationship between good food and drink that goes beyond satisfying hunger – it facilitates passion.  We want you to experience what we already know. 

With this said, we know STINK is not for everyone. You won’t find huge dinner portions or All-American fare, but if you are willing to step out of the box, we will show you a beer or wine that has stood the test of time. Our beverages not only taste amazing, they tell a story. Add a hunk of cheese or cured meat to the equation and it’s time to take a journey you will want to take again, and again.”

For more information about STINK: https://www.stinktacoma.com/

Lia Santini

About Lia Santini: Lia Santini is a Seattle based artist. Aside from her time spent in California pursuing her Studio Art degree from the University of the Pacific, she has lived in the Pacific Northwest. The beauty and vastness of the nature that surrounds her leaves no shortage of creative stimuli for her printmaking. She has taken her greatest inspirations from the seascape, with many art pieces dedicated to exploring what could occupy the sea beneath its surface. Perhaps it was the water alone that won over Lia’s heart, or maybe it was spending the entirety of her life as a competitive swimmer; either way ,both her passions and motivations, similar to the Orcas featured in her work, rise from the depths of the sea. Her art is continuously showcased in galleries both local and national, as well as in the possession of private buyers. Lia is continuously thinning the line between imagination and reality, proving that, like the ocean, art is boundless. 

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Ice Cream Social

About Ice Cream Social: The dream of a scoop shop became a reality on June 24, 2014 when Ice Cream Social opened on 6th Avenue. It was an instant hit with the surrounding community, as the delicious smell of freshly rolled waffle cones can be detected up to three blocks away! Providing both traditional and specialty flavors in a fun atmosphere, the shop was a huge success. On July 19, 2017 a second location opened in the newly rebuilt Point Ruston waterfront area. Today, Ice Cream Social can be found in a number of local grocery stores and is featured on the menu of some of Tacoma’s favorite restaurants. We continue to make all of our ice cream by hand with only the best ingredients, and strive to be a positive influence in the community through partnership, sponsorship, and good business practices. We look forward to many more years of putting smiles on the faces of our neighbors, one scoop at a time! 

Lauren Iida

About Lauren Iida: Lauren was born in Seattle and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornish College of the Arts (2014). She shares her time between Seattle and Cambodia, exhibiting her work, creating public art installations, and mentoring and representing emerging contemporary Cambodian artists through Open Studio Cambodia. Her main medium is intricately hand-cut paper, often incorporating layers of ink washed paper and focusing on negative space and shadow play.

For more information: https://www.laureniida.com/

Komadre Kombucha

About Komadre Kombucha: It all began as a home kitchen science project. Seeking an alternative to sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages, Julie started her own mother culture in a little glass jar and married it with her favorite fresh-pressed juice ingredients. Fueled by her quest for greater vitality and a passion for creating community, Julie decided to share her sparkly tropical concoctions with friends and neighbors…and today she’s sharing them with the 253. 

For more information:https://komadrekombucha.com/index.php/about-us/