November 18, 2020


Have you ever looked up at the sky and saw animals or figures in the clouds? Do you know what kinds of clouds you were looking at? Or, if you’ve ever been in an airplane and seen the clouds way up there, do you know what kind those are? This blog post will show you

November 16, 2020

Lesson 4: Air and Pressure

Many of our sixth grade partner schools are at different places in their curriculum. We will be releasing a series of educational videos tied to the “Weather and Climate” unit they are studying this quarter. This week, watch Julia and Kaela do a fun (dangerous) air pressure demo. What’s a little fire in an 120

November 12, 2020

6th graders: Join us on Flip Grid!

November 11, 2020


You may have noticed that the weather has gotten colder & wetter, it must mean winter is coming! For those of you in 6th grade participating in our weather kit project this weekend is a great time to start making observations. In your weather kit are three tools to help you predict and make observations

November 10, 2020

Brine Shrimp Drop-off

First of all, thank you to all the 5th graders to have been working with us on our Brainy Briney pilot! Over the last few weeks many of you have been working hard taking care of your brine shrimp and collecting data just like real scientists. Remember, even if you think you’ve failed, all information

November 10, 2020

Brine Shrimp Life Cycle

Brine shrimp are both ovoviviparous (o·vo·vi·vip·a·rous) and oviparous. Ovoviviparous means that their eggs hatch within the uterus producing live young. Oviparous means they give birth to eggs which hatch outside of the body. Brine shrimp do not get to make this choice, as it is dependent on their environmental conditions. If the conditions are right