While we’re all stuck at home why not do some fun at home science experiments?!

You may have seen Julia and Kaela’s air pressure video if you are participating in the 6th grade weather kit project. If you haven’t seen it yet the video is below:

If you want to do this air pressure experiment at home you MUST have adult supervision as it involves FIRE! So, please be careful when conducting this experiment.

There are a ton of other at home science experiments that you can do as well. Below are a list of them where you can use things found around your house.

This first one is how to create lightning in a jar! Now, Julia and Kaela tried this experiment many times and have yet to be successful but maybe you will be.

The next video is called “Lightning in your mouth!” You need to make sure you are in a very dark room when doing this or you may miss the flash of light. Additionally, if you are going to try this it is recommended that you get the “Wintergreen” flavor of Life Savors mints as it will not work with any other flavor.

Finally here is a website that gives you a whole list of experiments that use static electricity! You may be able to find some of these things around your house or, you can get creative!

Use this link and follow the instructions! There are many to try and we can’t wait to see which one you choose.


If you are participating in our contest head on over to flipgrid.com and upload a video of you trying one of these experiments. We love to see science in action!