While we have many wonderful exhibits currently on display in our museum, the Foss Waterway Seaport is developing exciting new exhibits.

These exhibits will celebrate the following core areas:

Early Waterfront Life: The Native American Canoe Culture — Origins of our working waterfront as a cultural, economic and transportation resource used by the Puyallup and Nisqually tribes and other Indian residents with linkage to the contemporary Indian story. Native culture exhibits will always have a “live” hands-on component demonstrated by expert crafts workers, available to be shared with Museum visitors.

Connecting Waterfront Communities: Our Row, Sail, Stream and Ferry Boat Past — Uses of early watercraft to transport people and products, and connect the region’s communities and their cultures.

The Lumber Capitol of the World — How the manufacture and distribution of this natural resource built Tacoma and our region and shaped global maritime commerce and trade.

The Foss Story: From Family Enterprise to Worldwide Maritime Business — A comprehensive case study about how an immigrant family’s hard work and dedication to their customers founded and developed what has become a major maritime company.

Tacoma Ships, Shipyards and Ship workers: Building a Proud Heritage — The people who built the ships, shipyards and related businesses that helped make Tacoma a maritime industrial center.

Our World Waterfront Link: The Port of Tacoma, International Shipping and Trade — How Tacoma’s natural harbor and river estuaries became the basis for establishing today’s port as a world class shipping and trade center.

Labor and the Working Waterfront: A Strong Longshore Union Tradition — How labor and management energies worked together to create one of the world’s most productive, hard-working port cities.

The Waterfront and the Environment: Balancing the Uses — Exploring the natural history of the region; early industrial uses of the waterfront, and today’s efforts to restore and reconnect it to the greater community.

How Waterfronts Work: A Kid’s View — Encouraging youth and their families to learn about the working waterfront through hands-on exhibits and activities.

The Recreational Boat Building Business: Combining Wood and Water — How Tacoma’s early small boat builders, including the famed Willits Brothers canoe business, helped to establish the city’s significant recreational boat construction industry.

We are currently raising funds to finish renovation of our building. When the Museum is finished, visitors will be able to explore context, engage with the past and take part in the issues that will shape the “future history” of our port community.

Please stop by and get a feel for what our future holds…you’ll enjoy every minute of your visit!