Hello Seaport Members and Supporters, 

Recent events have prompted the Seaport’s Leadership Team to pause in order to reflect, to listen, and to ultimately determine how we can do better both as individuals and as an organization.
We know that our community and our country are hurting – and it breaks our hearts.  A response to such an important issue as the safety and justice for Black people is not something that can or should be rushed – in truth, this must be an ongoing and critical dialogue.  As we work to resolve some of our own blind spots and determine how the Seaport can be part of the long term solution, today, we unequivocally commit to the principle that black lives matter.
Today, we unequivocally commit to:

  • Listening to the voices of Black-led organizations, and Black leaders in our community
  • While continuing to examine and improve our own internal structures, policies, and culture
  • Identifying and eliminating those aspects that promulgate racism and impact our ability to attract, hire, retain, and empower a team that is reflective of our community.  

At the Seaport, our primary mission has always been to create a space where visitors feel at home, accepted for who they are regardless of where they come from, their beliefs, or the color of their skin.
As we continue to manage a global pandemic, many of us are looking for the “new normal,” for our health and for the economy. We know that life will be substantially changed at least until we have a COVID-19 vaccine, and we hope that will come quickly. But the new normal will not eliminate hatred and bigotry. There is no easy vaccine against this nation’s legacy of structural racism. We have to do the work, we as a society must do better – and not just through our words, but with meaningful action and unbreakable conviction.
We want our community to heal. We want us all to heal, so we can move forward and bring about a future that is better than our past. Wishing for a future that is more equitable and recognizes the beauty and dignity of all people.
Take care and be kind to one another.

Brent Mason

Executive Director