Week 1: Introduction

This Fall, we are piloting Brainy Briney kits from Algae Research. Follow the progress on our blog! Check back here for instructions, support and curriculum updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my kit?

You can download the instructions above, or watch the detailed video. If you need more help, please email education@fosswaterwayseaport.org or use the form below.

How long does it take for my Brine Shrimp to hatch?

It depends on the temperature, if it’s very warm they can hatch in 12 hours, or it can take up to three days it the temperatures are colder. Make sure to look closely, newly hatched Naupli are very small.

How much light does my Briney Brainy bag (and inhabitants) need?

As much as possible! However, be wary of putting your bag in DIRECT sunlight. The bag can get too hot, and kill your ecosystem.

How open should I leave my bag?

As long as there is a gap that air can go through, it’s fine. Make sure to keep your bag somewhere out of reach of your pets, siblings, and llamas.

Which water quality testing strip color chart do I use?

Sherman and DeLong have the “Runbo” strips. The bottle changed halfway through, if your Chlorine is showing GREEN, use the packet chart. If it’s turning PINK, use the bottle photo above. Skyline has the Tetra strips, the color chart in your packet is accurate. It’s also available above.