Although we are closed to the public, we want to be there for our community during this time of crisis. Please check back soon for a schedule of our Fall 2020 offerings.

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Whale Bones, Up Close and Personal

Take a virtual field trip to the museum, and ride the manlift up inside our hanging whale skeleton. See tiny details that you just can’t see any other way. Learn how whales are similar to humans, inside and out.

Where Do Crabs Come From?

Where do crabs come form? Do they lay eggs like fish? What do you mean they start as “plantkon”? Although they look like alien monsters, plankton are actually tiny creatures that form the basis of our food chain. Watch us capture some of the wily creatures and explore their incredible features.

The Great Conveyer Belt

Have you ever wondered how a pot of water gets hot, when it is only heated at the bottom? The answer is- convection currents! This demonstration uses basic household items to illustrate convection, and explains how density changes drive a giant conveyor belt of constantly moving water in the ocean. Follow along with us live, or watch and recreate your own current after the broadcast.

Materials: Plastic bin (5″ x 12″), Ice pack, hot water, 3 mugs, blue food coloring, red food coloring.

Super Sea Stars (Ages 2-10)

Learn about how Sea Stars move, eat, and regenerate in this live animal lesson.  Students  are encouraged to join the lesson in their favorite superhero outfit.

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