While our building is historic and beautiful, we find our location does cause us to be a little bit of a hidden treasure here in Tacoma. We are developing different ways to expand access to our building, and we also wanted to get the word out to Tacoma communities that might not know about us. When we set out on this project we wanted to do it in true Seaport style, in collaboration with businesses and individuals in our community. This is how the Seaport Artist Series was born. This project not only highlights the Seaport, but also some incredible local businesses and artists of the region. We have curated a group of pieces from local artists that are a mix of commissions inspired by the Seaport and its work, and already made pieces that have oceanic or maritime themes (plus a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibit!). These pieces are being presented in a handful of locally owned businesses around Tacoma and will be auctioned off at our 2022 Chowder Social to help raise funds for the museum.

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