Foss Waterway Seaport is excited to be supporting remote science learning this Fall. In the next few weeks, ready-to-assemble weather stations and a packet of printed instructions will be delivered to each middle school in the Tacoma Public School District.

The kits make minimal use of plastic, and include supplies to build a rudimentary anemometer, barometer, and wind vane. There is also a mini compass, thermometer and  a “Rite in Rain” waterproof field notebook. The weather kits are packed into a paper bag, and will be accompanied by a packet of instructions for assembly and data gathering. Please note, there is no technology required to use the weather kits, although we have created a number of enhancements like weekly videos, Flipgrid questions/codes, and live meetings.  

  Each week, we will offer students a recurring live meeting with one of our science instructors. The meeting will start with the weekly weather video, custom produced for this program. Each video aligns with your curriculum and is about 5-7 minutes long. The videos will also be posted on our website, social media, Flipgrid, and Schoology.  Discussion for the duration of the meeting will be guided by the previous weeks Flipgrid responses, student questions, and we will also help with troubleshooting their weather kits. 
 We look forward to helping create a hands-on science experience for our remote and hybrid learners this Fall.