Our on-water expeditions provide a dynamic platform for introducing students to field science during a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In our Science on the Sea program students combine elements of STEM with nautical science activities.  They experience oceanographic sampling on a research vessel. The Seaport offers on-water experiences to connect students to their environment and envision thier involvement with the protection and preservation of the South Sound.

Age range: 4th grade and above

Number of students: Up to 30 students plus teachers and four adult chaperones

Days Offered: Monday – Thursday

On-water Program Activities:

Activity Description
Water Quality We will visit 4 predetermined collection sites within Commencement Bay, an urbanized watershed, to understand the health of our local waters.  Students will collect water samples from different depths to test the dissolved oxygen, pH and salinity levels and determine the water temperature.
Plankton A plankton tow allows students to collect their own plankton for viewing under the microscope. Students will assess water turbidity, collect, observe and draw plankton.
Marine Debris & Sustainability Students will be learn about common pollutants and ways to protect our watershed and its inhabitants.  We include information on microplastics and a discussion on how they impact  marine life and the students themselves.
Critters Using live marine animals, students explore some of the different Phylums represented in Salish Sea intertidal and dock fouling communities

If your students have already experienced a Seaport On-Water Program, we can provide an Advanced On-Water experience for groups over 15 students.

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