Is there a drop-off large enough for school buses?
Foss Waterway Seaport has easy bus drop-off area at the front of the museum.

Where do groups go when they arrive at the museum?
The education entrance is on the Esplanade (water side of the building) about half-way between the front and back. There will be a sign outside the entrance.

Is there an area where groups can sit and have lunch or a snack together?
Lunch area can be provided, free-of-charge. We do ask that you clean up the area; wipe down the tables and pick up all trash after your group finishes eating. If you do not wish to clean the area, we can add a $20 cleaning fee to your field trip cost.

Are the curricula for individual programs completely locked down, or can teachers select activities to fit with their curriculum?
Field trip experiences are somewhat customizable in the teacher’s selection of the fourth activity, however most programs have two or three of the activities that are not changeable.  Download the Program Information flyer to see what each program offers.

Can the Seaport education programs handle diverse, non-traditional, special education, and/or multi-age groups?
The Foss Waterway Seaport education department is experienced in working with diverse groups of students and adults. If you have special accommodation requests, a nontraditional group, or any other concerns, we would be happy to work with you.

Are Seaport education programs available for home school groups?
The Seaport strives to provide high-quality, age-appropriate, fun learning experiences for all learners.  Although we can teach a variety of our programs so that they are engaging and understandable for various ages, individual programs are not designed for wide age ranges all together.  We limit home school groups to learners within a range of three academic years (e.g. 3rd to 5th grades, or 8th to 10th grades).  Siblings outside of the range specified for the field trip will not be allowed to participate in the program activities.  For more information see our Home School Field Trip Information.