New Art Exhibits

Make a trip down to the waterfront and visit the museum to see all the Tacoma Ocean Fest art on display through this summer.

"ORCA" painted mural by @RickyLovesPainting (South Hall - permanent)

A gorgeous sunset (inspired by photographer Scott Sherman) of the Tacoma skyline including Mt. Rainier and featuring resident J-pod Orca "Granny".

"MOTHER OF WATERS" painted mural by River Reishi (South Hall - permanent)

Mother is a depiction of our region and watershed's local volcanic mountain that acts as a mother of waters in our rivers, lakes, and even the vapor in the air we breathe. The rivers end at the viewers feet where the ocean would begin, meaning we are the ocean.

"LOW TIDE TACOMA" by Nives Cicin-Sain (South Hall - on display through August 2024)

Inspired by low-tide beach visits, this exhibit includes sculptures, papier mache, drawings, glass, and more.

"IF I LIVED IN THE OCEAN" by Paula Nishikawara (South Hall - on display through August 2024)

This immersive underwater art exhibit is the juxtaposition of the natural world and man-made pollutants. It includes delicately crafted traditional Japanese Gyotaku fish prints. A kelp forest made from up-cycled coffee bean shipping materials, and original paintings.

hanging kelp forest