Ships visiting the 2018 Maritime Fest

The following boats & ships will be featured during the 2018 Tacoma Maritime Festival:


The Odyssey 

At 88 feet long, the Odyssey is home ported on the Foss Waterway at the Tacoma Marine Youth Center. Operated by the Sea Scouts, the vessel spends much of its time here in the Puget Sound where it introduces youth to big boat sailing. Youth crews help run the numerous public charters & weekend excursions. 



The Charles N. Curtis

Starting its life as a US Coast Guard Patrol Boat, the Curtis was used as a marine interdiction vessel along the East Coast of the United States during Prohibition before being transferred out to Tacoma. During World War II, the Curtis saw action as an off-shore patrol boat. It patroled the Washington coast from Port Angeles to the mouth of the Columbia River. Purchased by the Boy Scouts in 1945, the Curtis became co-ed in 1986. Today, the Curtis is based in the Foss Waterway and helps train area youth in leadership through exercises that mold both character & conduct.



The Vérité

A replica of a French Admiral's Gig that was captured in 1796. Built at the old Sea Scout building on Dock Street, a number of dedicated youth and adults along with the support of the Tacoma community were able to see this replica built and launched in 1998. Now 20 years old, the Vérité can often be seen on the Foss Waterway with its graceful lines and eager crews! 



Gamewardens of Vietnam - North West Chapter - Restored MKII Patrol River Boat (PBR)

Returning to Commencement Bay, the NW chapter of the Gamewardens Association will be bringing their restored MKII Patrol Boat to Maritime Fest. The Gamewardens Association is a non-profit group made of primarily of combat veterans from all recent wars, including the Vietnam War. Some members are still active service. Dock side tours of the boat are free and those who join as associate members will be offered an orientation ride in Commencement Bay.



S.V. Ladyhawk

Launched in 1934 at the Jensen boatyard in Denmark as “Pourup”, Ladyhawk sailed the North Sea as a fishing vessel from 1934 to 1977 when she was purchased by Gary and Barbara Rainwater who over a period of years converted the fishing vessel into the 85-foot pilothouse ketch you see today. Departing Denmark in 1986, Ladyhawk explored the coast of Europe, the Azores, the Caribbean and Central America before arriving in the Pacific Northwest in 1990. She is still powered by her original 100 h.p. Greynaa Semi-diesel. Today, Ladyhawk is a private yacht hailing from Pleasant Harbor, Washington where she regularly explores the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands.


Please visit this page again as there will be further announcements made as more ships & boats are confirmed for the 2018 Maritime Fest!